Vascular Surgery

Fully equipped department with facilities for all arterial surgery (Bypass Surgery, Use of artificial grafts) and endovascular repairs (Angiograms/angioplasty & stents, EVAR, TEVAR), venous interventions (Endovenous laser ablation), Hemodialysis AV access surgery, Lymphedema treatments (Surgery- Sequential compression therapy), Traumatic vascular injury, diabetic foot preventive and further care, wound care clinics.

Specialty clinics are


Our department offers treatment in

Varicose Veins: Dilated incompetent valves in vein leads to reflux and ambulatory venous hypertension. Symptomatic Varicose veins needs treatment. Day care/ overnight admission with no bed rest, procedure under local anesthesia are possible. Present evidence based guidelines suggest Endovenous Laser ablation ( Cure rates of 95%) if possible, the possibility depend on the size of vein and safety limits of procedure, both assessed by Doppler venous evaluation. Second option of treatment is Surgery with 85% long term cure. Foam sclerotherapy is offered to very selected group of patients as their recurrence rates are very high.

Arterial diseases: There are two main diseases in artieries- those with blocks ( Stenosis or occlusion) to flow of blood or Dilatation of blood vessels ( Aneurysmal disease)

  • Treatment of gradually developing blocked vessels are medical management at early stages, and at advanced stages angiograms followed by endovascular ( Balloon angioplasty/stents) for short lesions and Bypass surgery with vein grafts or Artificial blood vessels for larger lesions.
  • Rapidly developing blocks have clots inside blood vessels and require urgent care to dissolve or remove clots to prevent amputations.
  • Aneurysmal disease usually occurs in older age group, fit subset of these patient are offered Endovascular repair EVAR or TEVAR or Surgical repair with artificial blood vesels.

Hemodialysis access surgery: AV fistula surgeries, AV graft surgeries, Permcath, tunneled catheters are all offered. This treatments are offered for patients with end stage renal failure.

Diabetic foot care: Appropriate preventive care can save most of limbs from amputation. Regular preventive care is offered. Complicated foot infections and ulcers are regularly treated in this unit. Rapid healing techniques are regularly used.

Wound clinic: All types of wounds are taken care in the unit ( Except major Burns).

Lymphedema treatment: Medical, Sequential compression therapy, MLD-Manual Lymphatic drainage are regularly employed. Few selected early appropriate cases are offered surgical treatment after Lymphatic work up. Post cancer surgery edema of limbs require Compression therapy for eg: edema of hand after Breast cancer surgery is controlled with compression therapy. Facilities for this care is available. Prevention is better than cure, we offer detailed foot evaluation to access adequacy of blood supply, sensations, risk factors for infection and ulcer formation for all patients esp. diabetic patients.

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